Well, holiday sushi only in the sense that we’re in the holiday season I guess… My birthday was December 24th and my wife had asked me what I wanted to do for dinner. It’s the night before Christmas and what we often do is have dinner at home with whatever family came into town and spend the rest of the evening putting together toys for the kids. There was only one thing I wanted… Sushi .

My folks were in town and they are, as I have mentioned, meat and potatoes people. They eat fish, but not raw. My brother the vegan won’t even eat anything that has a brain/ganglia or a face, as he puts it. My kids are only interested in playing with the food (and my daughter is too young for raw fish anyway), but they will eat edamame. But my aunt and uncle, who live one town over, are sushi eaters, so we had a small percentage of the crew who would eat if we got sushi.

We got sushi.

I gave fair warning and my folks got Chinese food. My brother always makes his own tofu or seitan or something (which is usually pretty good I must admit) and my kids got eggs, rice and veggies. I think it was a pretty boring spread of food, and when you put the sushi up against everything else, it makes you scratch your head and wonder how it got there. The sushi looked great, well presented on the plate (itamae made, my layout), a stark contrast to the bowls of greasy Chinese somethingorother and a dark mass of something else I had to ask my brother the contents. Overall a strange spread. So I (and my wife and aunt) had a healthful dinner, with a clean and fresh feel to it, craft and quality while most of the crew got to have a bowl of grease and unidentifiable foods overly seasoned and full of MSG. For a Christmas eve/birthday dinner. And it was good. But my aunt left my birthday cannolis at home.

The Sushi guy.

Warren Ransom

I have always been fascinated by the creation and culture of different foods, particularly sushi and sashimi in the modern era of Japanese cuisine. I am a classically trained chef and sushi connoisseur, also having operated a food service company and enjoy investigating and experimenting with food around the world.

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