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A Day In The Life of A Sushi Chef

The Art and Science of Sushi Sushi is a unique combination of art and science. It goes beyond just being a meal; it’s a cultural experience that showcases precision, creativity, and a deep respect for ingredients. Sushi chefs, known as itamae, spend years honing their...

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The Modern Sushi Experience

A Revolution in Sushi Dining The world of sushi, a culinary art form deeply rooted in Japanese culture, is undergoing a significant transformation. As technology advances, sushi restaurants worldwide are adopting digital innovations to enhance customer experiences and...

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Sushi and Sexism

The sushi industry is one dominated by men and always has been, and there is nowhere where this is more apparent than the birthplace of modern sushi, Japan. In the past I published an article on "Washoku," a culturally pure approach to sushi which respects nature and...

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Welcome to the future: Sushi Making Robots

It might not be as good as an expert sushi chef, but robotics have improved drastically over the last decade. As shown in the video below, this robot can make simple sushi rolls. While it is simply assembling ingredients that have already been laid out, you have to...

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