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Sushi and Sexism

The sushi industry is one dominated by men and always has been, and there is nowhere where this is more apparent than the birthplace of modern sushi, Japan. In the past I published an article on "Washoku," a culturally pure approach to sushi which respects nature and...

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Welcome to the future: Sushi Making Robots

It might not be as good as an expert sushi chef, but robotics have improved drastically over the last decade. As shown in the video below, this robot can make simple sushi rolls. While it is simply assembling ingredients that have already been laid out, you have to...

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Rainbow sushi is dazzling the internet

You may have ordered a rainbow roll before at a restaurant. The newest trend in sushi, however, is not rolls with a selection of seafood to give the roll an appealing color, but something altogether different - the use of natural ingredients to bring color to the rice...

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Is sushi perfect for a first date?

Is Shushi Special on Dat Night?We've always known sushi is the perfect first date, and now it's scientifically proven. Every year, releases its Singles in America study, the most comprehensive national study of American singles that exists. The data is put...

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