Yellowtail (Hamachi) Articles

When sushi is more than sushi

At times, the most minor difference can make a tremendous impact; something that may not seem obvious but leaves a tip of the tongue realization. A new restaurant has opened near me and has grown on me quite a bit, but it is easy to know why. It is a seemingly small...

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Has Sushi Jumped The Shark?

Sushi has been a popular item in the west for a few decades now and as with anything that makes its way across cultures, it has readily changed to better match western palates. But unlike noodles and soybeans, sushi has not merely changed to fit our preferences; it...

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Hamachi and me

Yellowtail Sushi - AKA Hamachi There are certain fish that I think present themselves perfectly without being made too fancy, hamachi (yellowtail) being one of them. I went to my favorite local sushi place on Saturday night with my wife and my brother, who loves...

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