Sustainable Seafood Articles

The true cost of illegal fishing

We have previously reported that tuna populations are not nearly as robust as they were 30 years ago, as the true cost of illegal fishing is starting to become more apparent. While some fishing methods have become more sustainable, there is a dark specter which...

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Global Fishing Watch fights Illegal Fishing

The newest tool against unregulated and illegal fishing is incredible. Oceana, Skytruth and Google Earth Outreach worked together to create the Global Fishing Watch. The beta version of the site is now open to the public, and you can quickly and easily create an...

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The Sustainable Seafood Movement

Sustainable sushi is a new movement driven by the need to balance our food supply with our insatiable demand for sushi. Due to the overfishing of some species, guides are now available to help consumers choose food items that will have less environmental impact. The...

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