Recipes to make sushi, sashimi, rolls, and more!

Sushi recipes for the many different types of sushi you will find

Here you will find many sushi recipes for the different types of sushi you enjoy in addition to other items for your perusal. We always encourage people to experiment with their own preferences as well!

Making Nigiri Sushi At Home - Learn how to make nigiri sushi at home.
Making Sashimi At Home - How to make any kind of sashimi at home.
Making Temaki Sushi At Home - Learn to make temaki sushi, the perfect beginner roll.
Making Maki Sushi At Home - Easy to follow instructions for making maki sushi at home.
Making Chirashi Sushi At Home - How to make a bowl of wonderful chirashi sushi.
How To Make Sushi Rice - Great sushi rice doesn't have to be hard to make!

Make sushi items

How To Make a California Roll - The Recipe
How To Make a California Roll - The Recipe - Simple instructions for this ubiquitous roll.
Philadelphia Roll Recipe - While non-traditional, the Philadelphia roll is still a fun roll to make.
Shrimp Tempura Roll Recipe - A recipe for the new classic, the shrimp tempura roll.
Yellowtail and Scallion Roll Recipe - A quick recipe to make a yellowtail and scallion roll.
Spicy Tuna Roll Recipe - The classic spicy tuna roll is always a treat.
Tobiko with Quail Egg Yolk Recipe - Delightfully creamy, this gunkan maki is a fun taste adventure.

Side dishes and other recipes

Gavin's Fail Safe Sushi Rice - A fail safe recipe for sushi rice for those who do not have a rice cooker.
Ginger Miso Salad Dressing Recipe - This ginger dressing is better than the one at your favorite sushi restaurant!
Miso Soup Recipe - Learn how to make this delicious Miso Soup recipe in minutes!
Preparing Octopus (Tako) for Sushi - A simple method for preparing octopus for sushi.
Shiso Oil Recipe - An easy recipe to make shiso oil, a great condiment or a way to add color to any plate.
Spicy Mayo Dipping Sauce Recipe - This spicy sauce can be used as a base for a spicy roll or as a dipping sauce for any sushi item.
Steamed Ankimo Recipe (monkfish liver) - Monkfish liver (ankimo) is becoming easier to find, and this is a simple recipe to make your own at home.
Tamago - Tamagoyaki recipe - Tamago (tah-mah-goh) is a traditional Japanese omelet that is great any time.

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