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Ginger (Gari) – The Perfect Sushi Companion

The Favorite Pickled Rhizome For Sushi Eating sushi is an artful experience, with different tastes and textures in harmonious balance. Along with wasabi, ginger (gari) is ever present with your order. Some may not like it, but for those who do it serves both a...

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Vegan Sushi

Vegan sushi is 100% delicious Vegan sushi is the perfect option for our animal conscious and environmentally aware sushi lovers who want to enjoy a meal without using animals in any way. In case you're wondering, sushi is actually the word for food prepared with...

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Can you use medium grain rice for sushi?

Can you use medium grain rice for sushi? In a pinch, we have all asked if medium grain rice can be used for sushi. Is using medium grain rice going to make your sushi fall apart? Rice is the foundation for sushi. Certain strains of rice can only be found in Japan...

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sushi

We all love sushi, and as with many meals you eat in a restaurant or as take away, there are always small mysteries that one never really thinks about. Some of these mysteries aren't anything that one needs to be concerned about, but some..... Well, may be surprising....

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