Japanese Green Tea Offer

The SushiFAQ has recently partnered with the Japanese Green Tea Company company, which sells high quality green tea sourced from Japan. All SushiFAQ readers are entitled to a 10% discount by using the coupon code “faq” at checkout. Please visit Japanese Green Tea Company to take advantage of this offer.

The 6 Best Countries to Eat Real Sushi Outside of Japan

Japanese people have been emigrating all over the world for more than 800 years. Many of the descendants of these immigrants have maintained their Japanese language, culture, and of course their sushi traditions. Sushi enthusiasts like us are lucky to have access to authentic Japanese restaurants when we are traveling all over the world. As…

Gold plated sushi? Are you serious?

Gold plated sushi is the newest ridiculous sushi trend If there was an Olympics for over the top sushi, this roll would take gold. This roll has 12 different ingredients from all over Japan, squished together in a cacophony of sound and taste. Available at Shinjuku Isetan in Japan, this is one spectacular creation. So…

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