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More Omakase insights from a Redditor

I'm an avid Redditor. If you don't know what that means... Well, I'm a reader and contributor to a social-oriented website called "Reddit" where people rarely hold back their opinions. My last omakase post took on a life of it's own thanks to a link to it being posted...

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Sushi Restaurants Mislabeling Fish

In an earlier post we discussed the findings of a study done by regarding the rampant mislabeling of seafood. They found that about 39% of the seafood products that they sampled were actually a different species than what was represented on the label. Is...

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My dinner with Nobu

I just had a great sushi dinner at Nobu in New York City. It's supposedly impossible to get a reservation, but I called on a whim and got a table for the next night. A pleasant surprise as my sister in law was in town and they *had* to experience the best sushi in the...

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The Steakhouse and the Sushi Bar

I pretty much always go to a pure sushi-ya when I'm going out to eat sushi. If sushi is their core competency, then I know I'm probably in for a good meal. There are, however, Japanese steakhouses (the places with all the fancy foodwork at the table) that also have a...

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Sushi And Disappointment

I've been disappointed many times at various restaurants, but I really think it's the worst to be disappointed when going out for sushi. One always expects something good and perhaps different when going out, but sushi is such a unique experience that when you get bad...

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Decisions, Decisions…..

How do you decide where to go? A colleague of mind has invited me to a dinner at one of two different sushi-yas in NYC and I'm in a quandary. They are both top rated, traditional restaurants and I've heard great things about both. The problem is that I have no frame...

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