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Keto Sushi – Dining Without The Carbs

A Great Meal Without All The Carbs In the New Year, many people have chosen goals of becoming more fit. Sushi is nutritious and delicious, with the added benefit of being high in Omega-3 fatty acids. But can you eat it when you are on the keto diet? Is there keto...

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The Sushi Bar Experience

I like sitting at the sushi bar at a restaurant. Tables are fine, but when I really want to get into things I sit at the bar. Omakase (chef's choice) is much better when he is right in front of you, and even if you have your preferences, it's always nice to watch it...

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6 Simple Tips For Sushi On a budget

If your desire for sushi is as strong as mine, but you are trying to keep costs down, recession friendly sushi isn’t that hard to find. While I could eat sushi every day, not only is it impractical, but I would quickly reduce my nest egg to a scramble. But I am...

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How to Find An Excellent Sushi Restaurant

Locating A Great Sushi Restaurant If you have a hankering for some awesome sushi it's easy to find both good and bad places that offer it. I didn't intend these articles of helpful insights from a food expert to turn into a bunch of "how to" posts, and I think my next...

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Befriend Your Itamae (sushi chef)

Generally when we go out to eat we are friendly enough with the waiter (waitress) but don't think too much about anything other than our food and companions. This is not a bad thing, however I feel that when you are enjoying such an exquisite meal as sushi, there are...

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Making Maki (or How To Make Sushi At Home)

Life is hard. Making sushi at home is harder. The other evening I decided it would be fun to make some maki for dinner, something I used to do a lot, actually, when I was younger. But it's been a really long time since I had the time and wherewithal to do it and...

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