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The Sushi FAQ website is devoted to answering all your questions about sushi and sashimi, its history, and the related Japanese dining experience. We will cover the simple questions such as “What is sushi?,” “What is sashimi?,” “Why would I eat raw fish?,” and any related questions that may be a part of your dining experience such as “How do I use chopsticks?” as well as enlighten diners as to the history, etiquette, terminology, and artistry that surround this simple and artful food. Are you wondering how to make sushi at home? We can help. Are you wondering about the omega-3 fatty acids in sushi? We’ll explain what makes this such a healthful food.

Find the answers here, from basic to advanced. We have broken up our resources into a number of sections to better help you find what you need, and we are always open to comments or suggestions. If you have a sushi, sashimi or other food or nutrition question, please ask and we would be happy to answer your question and add the information to our website. Pour yourself a glass of sake, sit down and read on. We hope you find all that you are looking for here and that you remember us when you next enjoy our favorite food.

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The Curator

The Curator

Warren Ransom grew up immersed in food and has always eaten. Conscripted into his mother’s catering business at the tender age of eight, he went from breaking eggs to baking tarts in short time, and has always loved being elbows deep in ingredients.

After discovering sushi at 11 years old, he realized he had found something so unique and wonderful that it deserved his utmost devotion. He has been obsessed with sushi ever since. He lives near an excellent sushi-ya and is constantly searching for something that he has never eaten before. He has also begun a new project, The Online University FAQ

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