The Different Types of Sushi

Learn how to identify the different items you will encounter

Sushi Calories

Learn about the calories and nutrition information of sushi items

How To Make Sushi at Home

Hone your skills with these simple tips to make your own at home

The Dining Experience

What to expect when going to a restaurant

The Sushi FAQ - The Ultimate Sushi Guide

What Exactly Is Sushi?

Irasshaimase! Welcome to The Sushi FAQ, the ultimate guide to sushi, sashimi, and related Japanese cuisine. Our experts answer all your questions about this artful and delicious food. We provide resources for basic to advanced knowledge on sustainability, nutrition and more. Take a detailed tour and learn the true art of this unique food, how its made, pronunciation,the different ways in which it is served, and even the history of sushi, sashimi, and the related Japanese dining experience.

Read on, while we also answer the simple questions such as “What is sushi?,” “Is it really raw fish?,” “What is sashimi?,” “Why would I eat raw fish?,” and related questions that may be a part of your dining experience such as “How do I use chopsticks?” More detailed information is also available on topics you may have wondered or heard about such as traditional dining etiquette, food item terminology, and the artistry that surrounds this simple yet artful dish.

Can I Make It At Home?

Are you thinking about how to make sushi at home? We can help, with our easy to follow “how to” instructions including images to guide you in your journey. You will find all the answers to your questions about this wonderful food and its traditional yet ever changing styles, presentations, uniqueness, artistry, as well as the related dining experience.

Many people have sincere concerns with the with over-fishing of our oceans, so we have also included a section devoted to seafood sustainability information. Our research, experience, and facts are presented in a number of different sections to better help you find the information you are looking for.

We are always open to comments or suggestions. If you have a sushi, sashimi, other food item, or nutrition question, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to answer your question and add the information to our website.

Enjoy Your Meal And Your Journey

Pour yourself a glass of sake, sit down and read on. We hope you find all that you are looking for on The Sushi FAQ and that you remember us when you next enjoy our favorite food. The fantastic and artful dish that is a special experience everyone can enjoy can be found in both traditional and more modern settings and presentations, and we hope you find The Sushi FAQ both helpful and enlightening.


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The Author
The Author

Warren Ransom grew up immersed in food and has always eaten. Conscripted into his mother’s catering business at the tender age of eight, he went from breaking eggs to baking tarts in short time, and has always loved being elbows deep in ingredients.

After discovering sushi at 11 years old, he realized he had found something so unique and wonderful that it deserved his utmost devotion and has been obsessed with sushi ever since, becoming an expert in the art and science of sushi making, and now offers his wisdom in this guide. He lives near an excellent sushi-ya and is constantly searching for something that he has never eaten before.

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