Sushi For Beginners – How to Enjoy Sushi for the First Time

So you want to try sushi?

Are you new to sushi? Have you ever wanted to try it but were not sure where to start or what you might like? Or tried it and weren’t sure if you liked it? This guide will hopefully offer some information as to a good way to start enjoying sushi if you are a sushi beginner. Many people may say ‘why do I need a guide to try sushi?" This is not intended to be a treatise on the ‘only’ way to start eating sushi, but merely some recommendations for those who are unsure about eating raw fish and may be looking for some direction to ease them into something that they may learn to enjoy. This guide is presented as a list of suggestion to follow or think about when you decide the time is right to try sushi.

Everyone has different tastes and there is definitely no single way to approach sushi if you are new to it. Always stay at your comfort level and don’t be afraid to not eat something that doesn’t appeal to you. Find your own pace and you never know, sushi may grow on you. As a youth I was told to try something three times before declaring that I didn’t like it. It has worked for me every time and I can’t think of a food that I cannot appreciate. You may not turn into a sushi fiend, but there is a lot to appreciate about sushi and Japanese food in general. Try what you think that you will like and that looks interesting. Have a little sake and relax. Meshi agare!

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