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Befriend Your Itamae (sushi chef)

Generally when we go out to eat we are friendly enough with the waiter (waitress) but don't think too much about anything other than our food and companions. This is not a bad thing, however I feel that when you are enjoying such an exquisite meal as sushi, there are...

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Sushi Yasuda

I went to Sushi Yasuda in New York City last night and oh boy! This was a great experience. Firstly, they are a very traditional sushi-ya, no spicy rolls, or other American funkyisms. And they made this pretty clear when my dining companion (a colleague of mine) asked...

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Tomo21 Sushi’s Big meaty chunks

Looking For Giant Portions Of The Freshest Seafood? There are basically two kinds of sushi eaters out there, that I have determined. The traditionalists who like the simple, artful Japanese presentation (instead of the westernized version) and those who like the fancy...

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