Gold plated sushi is the newest ridiculous sushi trend

gold plated sushi

If there was an Olympics for over the top sushi, this roll would take gold. This roll has 12 different ingredients from all over Japan, squished together in a cacophony of sound and taste. Available at Shinjuku Isetan in Japan, this is one spectacular creation.

So what do just under a 100 bucks get you?

• Tuna from Oma, Aomori
• Japanese puffer fish from Hyogo
• Red sea bream from Nagasaki
• Longtooth Grouper from Nagasaki
• Oval squid from Nagasaki
• Kuruma prawn from Ehime
• Steamed abalone from Miyazaki
• Boiled conger eel from Miyazaki
• Boiled horsehair crab from Hokkaido
• Salted herring roe from Hokkaido
• Salmon roe pickled in soy sauce from Hokkaido
• Raw sea urchin from Hokkaido

Oh, and we can’t forget, it’s all rolled up in gold leaf. Pure conjecture, but we’re guessing after the 9th ingredient they realized that the nori wasn’t going to cut it and went to reinforce with metal!

The Guiness Book of Records most expensive sushi

You might think a hundred bucks is a lot for a sushi roll. Try 20 times that. Here’s the incredible Chef Angelito Araneta Jr. with a roll that costs $1,978! Pink salmon, foie gras… 20-carat diamonds… Palawan pearls… wait a second, this doesn’t sound like sushi!

's most expensive sushi

Sushi gets pricy. Whether it’s the most expensive tuna, or 200 bucks a pop puffer fish, you can start to rack up a pretty hefty bill.

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