This is the biggest sushi roll I have ever seen! The Sushi Chef Institute created it for a sushi festival, and the massive roll brought smiles to the face of everyone who witnessed it in all its splendor.

Is it just me, or is smaller sometimes better with sushi? This gargantuan roll is the complete opposite of sushi on a single grain of rice. It’s also quite unlike the delicious, simple sashimi and nigiri I prefer. Still, look at the size of that knife! Crocodile Dundee would be proud.

Check out this video of the biggest sushi roll you’ve ever seen

To be honest, this massive roll doesn’t even feel like sushi to me. The fact that you have to cut it in half ruins it for me. Won’t it just fall apart when you try to eat it? On the other hand, this is for a festival and was created for the purpose of having fun. This is not a traditional sushi roll and should not be judged as such. If it made people smile and want to try sushi, it served its purpose!

The chefs look incredibly happy to be making it. This is not a serious roll for a traditional sushi restaurant. It is a novelty created for the festival and should be treated as such.

Colorful, vibrant, and incredibly messy, I have to admit I would dig right in! While the experience of eating sliced sushi would be a little odd, it’s hard to go wrong with delicious ingredients.

If you like big things, you’ll enjoy the biggest sushi scallop in the world!

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