We’ve just shown you guys rainbow sushi, sushi burgers, and even spam sushi. What’s next on the menu? Sushi donuts! And no, we don’t mean donuts that look like sushi (although those are cool too). We are talking delicous, lip smacking creations of sushi that looks just like a much less healthier option! If you’ve been craving donuts, why not try an option that’s going to make you feel great afterwards instead?

Photo Credit: www.instagram.com/miyumya/

Photo Credit: @miyumya/

We mean sushi, made to look like donuts. From simple rings of rice with a few toppings to more elaborate creations that seem like the creators tried to fit as many different colours, flavours and textures as they could into a single dish, sushi donuts are a creative new addition to the world of sushi. It’s a brand new way to enjoy sushi! In case you are still skeptical, check out some of the most interest iterations of the sushi donut trend.

Now this one’s colourful. Sushi is all about visual appeal. While making sushi donuts isn’t the same as authentic japanese sushi, it’s a really fun new sushi trend!

These sushi donuts are a little more traditional: each “donut” breaks into standard sushi rolls like you would expect to eat at a restaurant. Perfect for sharing!

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I wanted to end off with this creative interpretation of the trend! It’s great seeing how different people are able to approach the same trend in different ways. It must have been so fun to put these creations together! Although… it was probably more fun to eat them!

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