spam sushi

Recently we’ve posted a couple articles about some crazy trends in the sushi world, including rainbow sushi and sushi burgers. After hearing some of the reactions to these bizarre creations we couldn’t resist bringing you the scoop on the newest aberration to enter the sushi world, brought to you by the United States of America. The Minnesota state fair is taking it one step further towards the westernization of sushi with a dish sure to make sushi purists feel sick to their stomach’s – spam sushi.

From the official website (Check it out to see some of the really delicious options they have), the description could not be more appealing: Grilled SPAM®, sushi rice, fried egg and wasabi rolled in nori (dried seaweed).”

Now I’m pretty open to trying new things in the sushi world, but I draw the line somewhere WAY before wrapping up a piece of grilled spam and fried eggs in nori. To anyone brave enough to try this creation, we salute you!

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