sushi on a single grain of rice
How many pieces of sushi can you eat? 10? 20? 100? If you find yourself struggling to get into the triple digits when you go to an all you can eat sushi special, read on. Hironori Ikeno, a sushi chef in Tokyo has a unique take on sushi, using only a single grain of rice for each piece. He skillfully balances tiny pieces of fish in place on their tiny bed of rice, wrapping them in place with a miniature strand of nori (seaweed). This sushi promises the ultimate test of chopstick skills as you carefully, carefully attempt to pick up the single piece and bring it to your mouth intact as the chef watches intently, judging your every move as you bring the delicate creation closer and closer to your mouth. Your hands wobble and shake with nervous stress, beads of cold sweat sliding down your face from your forehead in intense concentration until you are finally rewarded with a burst of flavor and a look of stern approval from the sushi chef. Don’t worry – if you aren’t an expert at chopsticks, I’m sure he will let you use your hands!

Check out the short video below for more!

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