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Gold plated sushi? Are you serious?

Gold plated sushi is the newest ridiculous sushi trend

gold plated sushi

If there was an Olympics for over the top sushi, this roll would take gold. This roll has 12 different ingredients from all over Japan, squished together in a cacophony of sound and taste. Available at Shinjuku Isetan in Japan, this is one spectacular creation.

So what do just under a 100 bucks get you?

• Tuna from Oma, Aomori
• Japanese puffer fish from Hyogo
• Red sea bream from Nagasaki
• Longtooth Grouper from Nagasaki
• Oval squid from Nagasaki
• Kuruma prawn from Ehime
• Steamed abalone from Miyazaki
• Boiled conger eel from Miyazaki
• Boiled horsehair crab from Hokkaido
• Salted herring roe from Hokkaido
• Salmon roe pickled in soy sauce from Hokkaido
• Raw sea urchin from Hokkaido

Oh, and we can’t forget, it’s all rolled up in gold leaf. Pure conjecture, but we’re guessing after the 9th ingredient they realized that the nori wasn’t going to cut it and went to reinforce with metal!

The Guiness Book of Records most expensive sushi

You might think a hundred bucks is a lot for a sushi roll. Try 20 times that. Here’s the incredible Chef Angelito Araneta Jr. with a roll that costs $1,978! Pink salmon, foie gras… 20-carat diamonds… Palawan pearls… wait a second, this doesn’t sound like sushi!

's most expensive sushi

Sushi gets pricy. Whether it’s the most expensive tuna, or 200 bucks a pop puffer fish, you can start to rack up a pretty hefty bill.

The biggest sushi roll you have ever seen

This is the biggest sushi roll I have ever seen! The Sushi Chef Institute created it for a sushi festival, and the massive roll brought smiles to the face of everyone who witnessed it in all its splendor.

Is it just me, or is smaller sometimes better with sushi? This gargantuan roll is the complete opposite of sushi on a single grain of rice. It’s also quite unlike the delicious, simple sashimi and nigiri I prefer. Still, look at the size of that knife! Crocodile Dundee would be proud.

Check out this video of the biggest sushi roll you’ve ever seen

To be honest, this massive roll doesn’t even feel like sushi to me. The fact that you have to cut it in half ruins it for me. Won’t it just fall apart when you try to eat it? On the other hand, this is for a festival and was created for the purpose of having fun. This is not a traditional sushi roll and should not be judged as such. If it made people smile and want to try sushi, it served its purpose!

The chefs look incredibly happy to be making it. This is not a serious roll for a traditional sushi restaurant. It is a novelty created for the festival and should be treated as such.

Colorful, vibrant, and incredibly messy, I have to admit I would dig right in! While the experience of eating sliced sushi would be a little odd, it’s hard to go wrong with delicious ingredients.

If you like big things, you’ll enjoy the biggest sushi scallop in the world!

Sushi made from crickets? Miya Sushi takes sustainability to the next level

I never thought I would see anything like this. I’ve seen spam sushi, rainbow sushi, even sushi donuts, but nothing like this! Miya Sushi might just be way ahead of their time. Their crazy menu pushes the boundaries, and even the most adventurous restaurateurs may meet their match! The restaurant is created with an incredible message at its heart. Miya Sushi’s vision of the future is of a world where by 2150 we will find a sustainable balance with nature. That means eating less animals, humane farming practices, and a celebration of the planet we live on. It also means a focus on foods that have the smallest impact on their environments, and fighting invasive species by eating them!

This cricket sushi roll pushes culinary boundaries

Even the most adventurous eater is going to be shocked by some of the dishes. The Crickleberry Brie sushi is chock filled with protein – from an outlandish source. Crickets!


Images are property of Miya Sushi 🙂

When you compare the ecological impact of farming cows or other large livestock, the difference is outstanding. Bugs offer a highly economical protein alternative. High in nutritional value and filled to the brim with protein, some say that bug farming is going to be a major industry in the future. Bug farms take much less space than conventional farms.

Would you be willing to try the Crickleberry sushi? Or is it simply too far out to even taste? I’m not sure if I would like it, but I would be willing to try! I mean, really, is it so different to eat escargot? Why are some bugs considered delicious and others disgusting? Having an open mind when it comes to food is important. But even an open minded eater might have trouble with cricket sushi!

Sushi made from invasive species

Some sushi restaurants serve seafood that have sustainability concerns. Miya Sushi does the opposite. Head Chef Bun Lai is an expert in turning invasive species into delicious dishes. What do you do when you are faced with invasive species? You eat them!


Miya Sushi has an entire section of the menu dedicated to Invasive Species. Mugwort, knotweed, and various other weeds are all invasive plants that chef Bun Lai has managed to turn into incredible creations. And that’s not all. In addition to plants, chef Bun Lai uses invasive seafood expertly. Sashimi options include nine-spice invasive asian carp sashimi and kiribati sashimi, which uses lionfish. The image above is of the carp sashimi. It is prepared using traditional methods, frozen in the same way that Inuit people continue to freeze carp based on their traditional methods. This chef can take any invasive species and make a dish out of it. Catfish is another invasive seafood which he pairs with asparagus, apricots, and black beans to create a truly wild dish.

Miya Sushi deconstructs the food chain

Currently, a third of wild caught fish is turned into fish feed for carnivorous fish. The concept of Miya Sushi is to go right to the bottom of the food chain and work upwards to find seafood that is both sustainable and has a low impact on the environment. This means specializing in herbivores such as catfish, tilapia, and carp.

When you eat fish at Miya Sushi, you can be sure you are making an ethical choice. Every ingredient in their cooking has been meticulously studied to see its effect in the broader environment. An example are their shrimp and prawn offerings. Instead of using wild caught tropical shrimp that have an extreme bycatch ratio, they use Florida shrimp and Alaskan spot prawns that have little to no impact in terms of bycatch.

Miya Sushi’s concepts haven’t hit the mainstream yet

While many consumers are becoming more concerned with sustainability and the ethics of the foods that they eat, the concepts of Miya Sushi have yet to become truly mainstream. While the head chef of Miya Sushi has specialized in turning invasive species into delicious dinners, most chefs are trained in more traditional recipes. It takes a huge amount of willpower and courage to create a restaurant as wild and unique as Miya Sushi. We wish them all the best in continuing to serve up tasty and sustainable dishes! If you are interested in sustainable sushi, you may be interested in reading our guide to eating sustainable sushi.. It doesn’t get much more sustainable than invasive species sushi!

Vegan Sushi

Vegan sushi is 100% delicious

Vegan sushi is the perfect option for health conscious and environmentally aware sushi lovers who want to enjoy a meal without using animals in any way. In case you’re wondering, sushi is actually the word for food prepared with vinegared rice! It doesn’t actually mean “raw fish” at all.

Sushi is such a healthy, fast option that makes you feel full of energy and vegan options can provide the same fantastic feeling after a perfect meal. While many of the most popular sushi rolls include raw fish, vegan options are perfectly feasible.

When you head to your favorite sushi restaurant, you’ll find that there are many vegan options. This can include fresh avocado rolls, kappamaki rolls (with cucumber), and even some more adventurous options with substitutes fish for mock soy options or even uses vegetables that are close in texture to the seafood that would normally be in the roll! If you’re lucky, you will find rolls based around shiitake mushrooms as well as yam tempura rolls. Quick tip: make sure to ask that the yam tempura rolls are a vegan option before ordering, batter ingredients can vary.

Let’s look at some of the delicious ways that creative chefs have developed vegan sushi rolls!

Vegan Tomato Sushi – Fresh and Co


This New York chain is tailored to seasonal and environmentally conscious fares. They are not a fully vegan restaurant, but have some great vegan options. One of these options was to replace tuna with tomato in their dishes. This example isn’t a sushi roll, but is actually a sushi wrap! It’s sort of like a sushi buritto. Unfortunately, it is only seasonal, but it’s a great example of what you can achieve with a little imagination. This wrap combines collard greens, hijiki, cucumber, avocado, brown sushi rice, cilantro, and wasabi. Unlike with sushi rolls that are in smaller pieces, you do not have to worry about the brown sushi rice not sticking together properly!

Vegan Eggplant Sushi


Some vegetables are so substantial and flavourful that they simply don’t need the addition of any sort of seafood to shine. Eggplant is one of those veggies that are bursting with so much flavor that they work perfectly as the main attraction in a sushi roll. Adding avocado is a great way to experiment with textures and tastes and make your roll even more filling! Mouth watering.

Vegan Carrot Rolls


This is another example of what a little imagination can bring to the table (literally). If you want a roll that has fresh, delicate flavours, using thin slice carrots gives you a crunch that you wouldn’t expect from sushi. You can choose to use carrots that are fresh and raw if you prefer the crunch, or steam them lightly in order to have a softer texture. These feel less substantial that rolls made with eggplant or tomato.

The sky is the limit with vegan sushi roll ideas

You can design and experiment with vegan sushi rolls with any of your favorite vegetables. Veggies pair so perfectly with sushi rice, soy sauce, wasabi and nori. Have you ever thought of trying avocado nigiri? Wonderful!

Here are some quick ideas when it comes to vegan sushi. Consider centering a roll around thinly sliced bell peppers, green onions, or sweet potatoes! The great thing about vegan sushi is that you do not have to worry about preparing raw fish. This alleviates the major health concerns of preparing sushi as an amateur and can be a more relaxing experience for preparing sushi at home.

And don’t forget, without having to buy sushi grade seafood, vegan sushi is much cheaper and perfect for beginners!

Mexican Sushi isn’t just sushi burritos!

What exactly is Mexican sushi?

Mexican sushi is the unlikely combination of Mexican cuisine and Japanese sushi. When you think of traditional sushi, you think of artistry in simplicity, and quality ingredients showcased in the best way possible. Mexican sushi is all about spice, crunch, and often a trip to the deep frier. Think explosive flavor and instead of pricey tuna sashimi, picture cream cheese and spice. We aren’t just talking sushi burritos. Almost all sushi burritos are just changing the shape of the roll. We’re talking a whole new way of looking at sushi. Think this is just a passing fad? Think again. Some of these restaurants have been around for over four years! You can’t stay in business that long as a restaurant without clientel.

What is in a Mexican sushi roll?

Mexican sushi rolls, which are often shortened to mexi rolls, are a far sight different from their traditional counterparts. You might find a roll filled with white tampico, a crab salad, cream cheese, and tempura shrimp. You’re definitely going to find rolls revolving around steak, cooked chicken, cooked shrimp, cream cheese, and avocados imported straight from Mexico. You will find rolls with fresh cilantro, and more heat than you can handle with the jalapeño and sriracha sauces that are often drizzled on top.

Cream cheese is the biggest trend in most of these Mexican sushi restaurants. If you want to try breaded and deep-fried sushi, then this trend is for you! While those who enjoy authentic sushi and simple fare probably will not enjoy the combination of sushi and Mexican food, people with an adventurous pallet might be pleasantly surprised! While you might be hesitant, can it really hurt to try new things? If you like both Mexican food and sushi, can it be so crazy that the two combined could produce something tasty?

Where can you find Mexican sushi?

If you’re lucky enough to live in L.A., you’re in the right spot for Mexican sushi rolls. Even thought their popularity is mostly confined to southeast L.A., restaurants like “Senor Sushi” have popped up in Phoenix Arizona! The picture above is of their “Rock and Roll”, sushi roll from their website, which has assorted fresh fish, avocado, cucumber, and spicy authentic Ponzo sauce. Who would have thought that Mexican and sushi would mix?

Critics of Mexican Sushi are looking at the trend the wrong way. If you’re looking for a healthy and refreshing meal, stick to traditional sushi. If you want to indulge in deep fried rolls stuffed with hot cream cheese and meats with a kick to it, try out Mexican sushi. I personally prefer more authentic styles of sushi. Luckily, most Mexican sushi restaurants also offer traditional Mexican food, which is absolutely delicious!

Spicy Cheeto’s and sushi? Taking the sushi burrito trend to the next level.

funny sushi burrito spicy  cheeto

The Low Key Poke Joint in Garden Grove California saw sushi burritos and spicy cheeto’s and decided that the two were meant to be together. How have the world’s top sushi minds missed the obvious pairing? The hot, spicy crunch of cheeto along with the freshness of tuna and salmon all wrapped up in a massive sushi burrito might make Jiro shudder, but the restaurant’s fans are eating it up.

The Low Key Poke Joint is the epitome of the modern restaurant. It has offered freebies for Pokemon Go players, has a slick website and instagram feed, and is always at the front of trends in the sushi world. They even offered a sushi burger! After opening in December of 2015, they have found success by staying ahead of the crowd.

Just a tip – traditional Japanese sushi does not include cheetos. Putting them on sushi burritos? Sure, why not?

Hot cheetos sushi

While putting cheetos on sushi burritos (hey, that rhymes!) is the most extreme example of what the restaurant offers, they love spicy cheeto’s so much that they offer the topping on all of their meal choices. Another unique topping you can put on your selection is a quail egg – because normal chicken eggs are just too boring!

Is the sushi burrito a culinary delight or a monstrosity? You decide in the picture of a sushi burrito below!

Some of the crazy things restaurants are doing in the sushi world might cause sushi purists to grumble, but you can’t fault a restaurant for being creative if the customers like it. Or maybe you can – is wrapping sushi into a giant burrito and coating it with crushed spicy cheeto’s taking things too far? Would love to hear what the readers think!

Sushi Donuts! The next crazy sushi trend to break the internet.

We’ve just shown you guys rainbow sushi, sushi burgers, and even spam sushi. What’s next on the menu? Sushi donuts! And no, we don’t mean donuts that look like sushi (although those are cool too). We are talking delicous, lip smacking creations of sushi that looks just like a much less healthier option! If you’ve been craving donuts, why not try an option that’s going to make you feel great afterwards instead?

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: @miyumya/

We mean sushi, made to look like donuts. From simple rings of rice with a few toppings to more elaborate creations that seem like the creators tried to fit as many different colours, flavours and textures as they could into a single dish, sushi donuts are a creative new addition to the world of sushi. It’s a brand new way to enjoy sushi! In case you are still skeptical, check out some of the most interest iterations of the sushi donut trend.

Now this one’s colourful. Sushi is all about visual appeal. While making sushi donuts isn’t the same as authentic japanese sushi, it’s a really fun new sushi trend!

These sushi donuts are a little more traditional: each “donut” breaks into standard sushi rolls like you would expect to eat at a restaurant. Perfect for sharing!

A photo posted by @happeabites on

I wanted to end off with this creative interpretation of the trend! It’s great seeing how different people are able to approach the same trend in different ways. It must have been so fun to put these creations together! Although… it was probably more fun to eat them!

A photo posted by @petitmiam on

Sushiburger – the newest sushi craze to hit the internet!

Sushi burger

Want a burger without breaking the diet? Sushi burger has your back! Everyone knows sushi is a low calorie option compared to fast food, and sushi burgers are the latest trend to blow up insta and fb, with restaurants competing to make the best sushi burger around. While sushi burgers are just now seeing massive popularity thanks to the internet, some commentators say they have been around for years.

A photo posted by Thrillist (@thrillist) on

I’ve never seen them before. Have any of our readers tried a sushi burger? Would love to hear what you think of them. Check out how it’s made in the video below.

10/10 would DEVOUR! Freshest #sushiburger I've ever seen! 📽: @thenaughtyfork from 📍: @postmates

A post shared by foodbeast (@foodbeast) on

All I know is I want to try it! If anywhere near me offered a sushi burger, I know it would be it’s most popular dish – at least until the internet craze dies down. This is one of the most fun sushi ideas we’ve seen! Of course, purists are going to turn their nose at the sushi burger, but if you don’t mind something silly and fun it could be quite delicious. Sometimes I want a burger but don’t want to feel the self-loathing and uncomfortable fullness after I polish off a massive meal…

A photo posted by Mezcla (@mezcla_bari) on

If I am craving sushi, I think I’ll go for something a little more traditional. But if I wanted to try something new, hell yeah I’d chow down on a sushiburger. If you liked looking at sushi burgers, you’re going to love checking out Rainbow Sushi!

Rainbow sushi is dazzling the internet

rainbow sushiYou may have ordered a rainbow roll before at a restaurant. The newest trend in sushi, however, is not rolls with a selection of seafood to give the roll an appealing colour, but something altogether different – the use of natural ingredients to bring colour to the rice itself! While the taste shouldn’t be much different (we hope) than regular sushi, you have to admit that the new trend is aesthetically beautiful.

Sushi is as much art as it is food, and seeing new ways of presenting my favourite dishes are always fun, even if in this case it’s a little wild!

A photo posted by Kelly Lamug (@kellylamug) on

Some crafty creators of rainbow sushi have ditched food colouring altogether to create all-natural hues. A popular way to make a brilliant yellow, for example, is the use of tumeric. Tumeric is part of the ginger family, and we all know that sushi is often served with ginger slices. I’m not so certain how adding it to the rolls itself would affect the taste! I think I’d prefer my ginger on the side…

A photo posted by @earthfawn on

Rainbow sushi might be nice to look at, but if you ask me, I’ll stick to plain rice. Maybe I’m just not adventurous enough! Would you be willing to try rainbow sushi?